Scoring Run Leia Run would prove to be a somewhat odd task.

Most fan films will just dump an MP3 of whatever song they like into their soundtrack and be done with it. However, I knew that film festivals and the like would frown on this sort of practice. Besides, I just wanted to be original. (A fan film—original—yes, it's hypocritical, I know.)

Also, while Lucasfilm has been lenient about allowing original Star Wars music in fan films, I didn't know what the higher-ups at Sony would think of me ripping off Lola rennt's thumping techno beats. I envisioned them sending Franka Potente over to my house to slap me silly.

Actually, that sounds kind of nice.


While Lola rennt had a techno soundtrack, Star Wars, of course, has the epic score of John Williams. The only way to go, it seemed, would be to have both.

So I did.

The orchestral score was composed and performed by Brian Sadler. One day he wandered into the Fan Films Forum and offered his services. I listened to his sample and "hired" him on the spot.

We passed e-mails back and forth. I outlined my needs and he delivered better results than I outlined. I really think his music helps 'sell' the film. You can listen below if you need proof.

But this was only half the battle. I still needed techno music, and had difficulty locating just the right artist. As befits the nature of this project, I hit the Internet in an attempt to weave together some collaboration with random people. I quickly located royalty-free loops by some talented artists on Flash Kit that fit what I need. Thanks to Arild Haugene, Bla4k0, chaibot, duskrider, Eddie Design, Magnum EQ and Mike Boyce, for posting just the sort of music I wanted without even knowing I wanted it.

I love the way the music came together for this project. I truly believe that the Internet is the future of creative media, and I'm glad I had the tools to collaborate with these fine folk.

Sometimes I combined Brian's sweeping tones with the driving techno rhythms. I think it sounded great. And I feel like a mad dope funky-fresh DJ in the hizouse, mutha.

Be sure to check out Brian's non-RLR music at

Opening Crawl1 min 33 sec. 1.4 MB. Stereo. The main theme (twice), the love theme, Leia's theme, then back to the main theme and a fade-out.
Ending Credits 2 min 57 sec. 2.1 MB. Stereo. A lead-in with Leia's theme in much the style of the ending music of The Empire Strikes Back (some of which was not heard in the film). The credits begin with a fanfare, the main theme (twice), some renditions of Leia's theme. Then the love theme tinged with a bit of darkness brings us to a soaring crescendo culminating in a fanfare reminiscient of the main theme.
Boba Sting3 sec. 52 KB. Mono.
Imperial Sting6 sec. 80 KB. Mono.
Leia Sting7 sec. 88 KB. Mono.
Love Sting6 sec. 80 KB. Mono.



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