Guy in his Basement Productions is... well, basically, it's just the cool-looking logo that Adam Bertocci and Kent Sanderson put on all their projects. But it IS a cool-looking logo, don't you agree?

"Founded" in 2000, the company's first major release was the Star Wars fan film Young Jedi: High School Student. While not exactly the best or most well-known fan film out there, YJ:HSS was a lot of fun to make and had thousands of viewers during its brief but glorious existence on the Internet.

Our second major release was a short feature teen comedy called The Cellar Dwellers. It premiered a mere year late.

The GIHB logo has been seen on several other small projects, mostly for film classes and amusement of friends. Run Leia Run marks its return to the world of active fan-filmmaking and Internet distribution. Since then we have released several other short films of varying running times, genres and levels of quality.

We at GIHB sincerely believe that creative projects—like movies—can be, should be and often are made by ordinary people with ordinary resources, one might say, "just some guy in his basement". Fan films definitely fit that description, don't you think?

Interestingly enough, virtually none of Run Leia Run was worked on in a basement. — the official Web site




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