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The Empire has come to Brooklyn.

Faced with the loss of his beloved local used record store to corporate takeover, longtime Star Wars fanboy Luke loses his faith and questions the morality and the worldview of the saga that shaped his own formative years. Only his roommate and fellow record store clerk Leah can save his soul.

Leah must rediscover and rekindle her own love of Star Wars to bring Luke back from the brink of nihilism. But when the pair confront the sinister Darth Veloper and his mysterious apprentice Darcy Maul, the villain unfolds the terrible truth about the place of hipsters in the cycle of gentrification, and sets the stage for the destruction of Williamsburg, and, perhaps, the world.

Bridging sly sci-fi parody with a wistful look at the trade-offs of a rapidly gentrifying New York, Brooklyn Force is at once a pop-cultural riff and a personal statement, a lesson about the value of being a Star Wars fan in an increasingly complicated galaxy—where we are at once the Rebellion and the Empire, all bound together by one Force.