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The compleat history of a viral phenomenon (abridged)

Wednesday, January 6, 2010
- Two Gentlemen of Lebowski goes public at 3 PM EST.
- Earns solid gold thread rating on Something Awful forums.
- Tweeted by Drew Olanoff, Alyssa Milano, The Reduced Shakespeare Company.
- First interest in producing the play comes in.

Thursday, January 7
- Jeff Bridges is sent the link, reportedly reacts with amusement.
- Tweeted by the Folger Library, Michael McKean, Harry Knowles.
- First mainstream press comes in (Entertainment Weekly blog writeup). More press swiftly follows.
- First offer from literary agency to see about publishing text as a book.
- Adam has actual conversation with DMTheatrics about mounting a stage production in New York.
- Link hits front page of Digg, BoingBoing, Metafilter.

Friday, January 8
- Adam does first telephone interview (Wall Street Journal).
- Link posted by Fark, Kottke.
- Adam speaks on phone with prospective literary agencies about publishing in book form.

Saturday, January 9
- NYC theatrical premiere announced.

Monday, January 11
- Adam begins meeting in person with literary agents.
- First confirmed print press (Metro, UK).

Tuesday, January 12
- Adam does first podcast interview.

Wednesday, January 13
- Literary agent hunt winds down, Adam makes decision.

Thursday, January 14
- Adam signs with an agent to represent the piece as a book.
- NYC theatrical premiere tickets go on sale.

Sunday, January 24
- Report arrives that John Goodman has been given the text and "laughed his ass off".

Monday, January 25
- The entire NYC theatrical run sells out—eleven performances sold out in eleven days.

Saturday, January 30
- YouTube superstar Brandon Hardesty re-enacts a scene.

Wednesday, February 10
- Further unofficial confirmation arrives of Jeff Bridges's reaction to the piece: "It worked, man, it really worked!"

Friday, February 19
- Publisher hunt winds down, Adam makes decision.

Monday, March 1
- Tickets for additional NYC performances are made available. They are gone within half an hour.
- The text is taken offline at the request of the rights holders.

Friday, March 12
- Julianne Moore made aware of the piece and the upcoming production. Laughs at the title.

Thursday, March 18
- Play premieres in New York.

Sunday, April 4
- Sold-out New York run concludes.

Wednesday, July 14
- Adam takes the first step in the process of officially signing with his publisher.

Saturday, July 31
- Adam mails off what will effectively be the last revisions he'll ever get to make.

Friday, August 6
- A milestone in the preservation of this project's future is reached.

Monday, August 16
- Adam announces the publication deal.

Friday, September 10
- Adam approves the final proofs.

Tuesday, October 26
- Two Gentlemen of Lebowski is published by Simon & Schuster.


December 2010 — second printing
January 2011 — third printing
December 2012 — fourth printing
August 2013 — fifth printing
January 2014 — sixth printing
Sometime early 2015 — seventh printing
Sometime late 2017/early 2018 — eighth printing

sometime in the long-distant future — civilization collapses, this book is all that remains of humanity's achievements