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You know that page in the book. I always read it. I'm a typography dork, you see. My publisher doesn't do those sorts of pages (I nearly wept when I learned this), and so I'm picking up the slack here. My personal friends, who know what a font nut I am, won't find this weird at all.

The main text was set in Hoefler Text. It was designed in 1991 as a bridge between the then-burgeoning field of digital publishing and the classic looks of fine typography, as a way for Apple to demonstrate the display, layout and printing capabilities of its Macintosh line. It is easily recognized by its expressive italics.

The old-timey font you see in the chapter headings, act breaks and at the top of the text pages is Caslon Antique. Designed in 1894 by Berne Nadall, its distinctive look is meant to evoke the early days of metal-type printing, and has been seen in advertising for period works ranging from Les Misérables to Spamalot.

Thanks for indulging me.