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DMTheatrics' American Shakespeare Factory
in association with Horse Trade Theater Group presents…
… well, this.

First-time playwright Adam Bertocci's viral sensation of a script
made its world premiere at the Kraine Theatre in New York
on March 18, 2010 and ran until April 4.

The run was set at eleven performances, later extended to fourteen.
All fourteen shows sold out.

~ Achievers ~

Josh Mertz
  The Knave
Brianna Tyson
Bob Laine
Stewart Urist
Matt Gray
  Brandt / Quince / Clown
Ed Lane
Becky Byers
Devin Landin
  Oliver / Jack Smoke / Doctor / Treehorn
Craig Kelton Peterson
  Blanche / O'Brien / Nihilist / Knox / Gravedigger
Dan Phai
  Woo / Nihilist / Laurence / Seamus
Kevin Orzechowski
featuring the Mighty Marty Dancers:
Shiloh Klein
  Dancer and Player Queen / Pilar
Kelly McCormack
  Dancer and Player Whore
Melissa Opie
  Dancer and Player Bonnie
Erin Posanti
  Dancer and Mistress Quickly
Courtni Wilson
  Dancer and Bowler

Costume designer: Steph Cathro
Technical director: luckydave
Scenic and prop design: Elaine Jones
Choreographer: Becky Byers

Co-producer: Michele Schlossberg
Managing director for Horse Trade: Erez Ziv

Produced and directed by Frank Cwiklik


~ Opinions, Man ~

(Indie Theatre's Movers and Shakers) — "Has to be seen to be believed, because there is absolutely nothing like this on any stage right now…
The execution of this piece is flawless. Frank Cwiklik's direction is crisp and clean and the performances he gets out of his actors is on the caliber of Shakespeare in the Park… With breakthrough performances from Josh Mertz as the Knave, Bob Laine's bombastic monologues as Sir Walter and Brianna Tyson's classical take on Maude, the piece boasts an incredible cadre of young and talented performers as well as great material.
Combine that with the showstopping choreography of Becky Byers (think dream bowling ballet on acid) and there is no surprise as to why the house is packed every performance."

— Michael Roderick, BroadwayWorld

(Critic's Pick) — "The cast is terrific...
Josh Mertz does a spot-on riff of Bridges' character,
capturing everything from his looseness to his unique line deliveries.
Equally tight is Bob Laine as Sir Walter…
The dream sequences choreographed by Becky Byers are delightful."
— Tom Penketh, Back Stage

"The script is quite brilliant in execution…
The cast does a fine job - Josh Mertz as the Knave especially hits the ideal balance of delivering the archaic language naturally as an aggrieved stoner.
Bob Laine steals the show as the perpetually angry Sir Walter.
Brianna Tyson gives Maude Lebowski the deadpan gravitas the role requires.
Matt Gray and Craig Kelton Peterson are a delight."

— Duncan Pflaster, BroadwayWorld

"DMTheatrics could teach bloated Broadway
a lesson in less is more… even those of us new to the Dude
have become true believers in the Knave."
— Lauren Wissot, TheaterOnline

"The production wouldn't be complete without the genuinely crazy
Bob Laine as Sir Walter and the flirty frivolity of Becky Byers."
— Linnea Covington, NY Press

"Replete with Shakespearean wit, film-geek puns
and general hilarity… Happy chaos on a small stage…
Proves that Shakespearean sharp-tongued eloquence is nifty
even in the 21st century, if wielded correctly."
— Marina Galperina, Inside New York

"The mash-up that toke its time in coming."
— TimeOut New York

"Off-Off-Broadway's hottest ticket…
Cast with some of indie theater's brightest names
(Josh Mertz, Craig Kelton Peterson, Brianna Tyson),
it's a smartly written parody of Shakespearean comic archetypes
and quotable pop culture… brush up on your thy/thine/thou
usage and you should be good to go."
The Rundown

"The film's original absurdism is complemented well by the anachronistic characters… Steph Cathro's costume design is equally excellent… Becky Byers' choreography is also masterful… it's the ambition of a Broadway production crammed into the tiny Kraine Theatre stage, which is the size of a glorified dorm room."

— Stelios Phili, Washington Square News (NYU)

"Directed marvelously by Frank Cwiklik…
Mertz was absolutely lovable as the aimless Knave…
Laine was a powerful force as his faithful and
undeniably unstable companion…
Stewart Urist was amicably bumbling…
the nihilists ([Craig Kelton] Peterson, [Dan] Phai and Devin Landin)
were each utterly fantastic and hilarious.
With a show this commendable, the news of its demise
inspires the heaviest of hearts."
— Olga Privman, ReviewFix

"This is a trip! #dude"
some guy on Twitter
(I thought he summed it up better than anyone)



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