"You Never Studied"

I'm making two simplifications to keep this readable:

(1) I'm only planning to formally cite sources the first time each source is mentioned—so if a source you're interested in is mentioned in a later chapter and not listed in that section of this bibliography, scroll up.

(2) Aside from the movies themselves, which I don't feel the need to cite formally, two sources of behind-the-scenes information continually recur throughout this site. They are:

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I actually have kept pretty decent notes in case someone wanted to make this project into a book or something at some point down the line. I'm just not compelled to make the bibliography perfect right now this second. Live with it.


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The Filmmakers

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I don't have a definitive source for the Bazin quote. Help appreciated.

Shot by Shot

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I must again recognize Ray Zone's New Wave King, as cited above, as my source for many of the excellent essays below.

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New York

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The Hero's Journey

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Allen, Woody. Unsourced. Seriously, if anyone can actually get me a source on his I-just-don't-want-to-be-there-when-it-happens joke, that'd be awesome. We've all heard the joke and it always shows up on quote pages and I have no idea where it's from.


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The data on today's churchgoer comes from a few Pew surveys I'm too lazy to break down and cite individually. Here are the links if you're curious:

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The Ghostbusters Generation

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aaaand that's the game.




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