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A long time ago....


“Yet another in the series of Star Wars severed limbs. I've actually tried to talk to George about the whole reason for the severed limbs in these movies and he always just sort of smiles and chuckles and never gives me the real answer.”
— Rob Coleman

VANITY FAIR: What is the meaning of all the hands, arms, legs and heads being chopped off in the films that have emerged from Lucas' brain?
GEORGE LUCAS: That's what happens when you play with swords.

Welcome to what remains, since June 11, 1999, the only site on the Internet devoted to all the hands that get chopped off in the Star Wars saga.

It’s one award-winning filmmaker and screenwriter’s humble take on the phenomenon that apparently makes the galaxy go ‘round. It is also a legacy of his years as a high school nerd and, as updates roll in, an attempt to continue writing in that same voice despite now being a considerably older nerd.

Enjoy it. Or don’t. Either way is fine by me, really.